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Divisions & Districts

Blandford - Bournemouth North - Bournemouth South - Mid - North - North East Forest - North East Minster - Poole East - Poole West - Purbeck - South - Twynham - West

Ranger Units - Blandford Rangers, Guide Units - 2nd Blandford (Parish Church), 1st Spetisbury, Brownie Units - 1st Blandford Camp, 1st Blandford (Parish Curch), 1st Handford, 1st Spetisbury, Shillingstone, Clayesmore.  Rainbow Units - 1st Blandford Camp, 1st Spetisbury.

Bournemouth North - Kinson District
Ranger Units - 1st Bear Cross Guide &  Rangers, Guide Units - 1st Bear Cross Guide &
 Ranger Unit, Brownie Units - Kingsleifgh, 62nd Bournemouth, 70th Bournemouth, Rainbow Units - Kingsleigh, 62nd Bournemouth, 70th Bournemouth.

Bournemouth North - Moordown District
Guide Units - 12th Bournemouth, 39th Bournemouth, Brownie Units - 19th Bournemouth, 21st Bournemouth, 39th Bournemouth, 40th Bournemouth, Rainbow Units - 1st Moordown, 40th Bournemouth.

Bournemouth North - Redhill District
Ranger Unit - 38th Bournemouth Guide &
 Ranger Guide Units - 38th Bournemouth Guide & Ranger, 33rd Bournemout. Brownie Units -38th Bournemouth, 59th Bournemouth, Rainbow Units - 1st Redhill, 2nd Redhill.

Bournemouth North - Talbot District
Guide Units - 68th Bournemouth, 69th Bournemouth, Brownie Units - 68th Bournemouth, 69th Bournemouth, Rainbow Units - 1st Bearwood, 68th Bournemouth.

Bournemouth North - Winton District
Seniior Section Units -9th Bournemouth, 50th Bournemouth. Guide Units -  9th Bournemouth (Winton URC), 30th Bournemouth (Winton Methodist), 50th Bournemouth (Winton Methodist). Brownie Units - 6th Bournemouth (Victoria Park Methodist), 9th Bournemouth (Winton URC), 30th Bournemouth (Winton Methodist), 36th Bournmouth (Salvation Army), 50th Bournemouth (Winton Methodist), Rainbow Units - 6th Bournemouth (Victoria Park Methodist), 9th Bournemouth (Winton URC), 30th Bournemouth (Winton Methodist), 36th Bournemouth (Salvation Army), 50th Bournemouth (Winton Methodist).

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Bournemouth South Districts
Division Ranger Unit
- Bournemouth South Rangers, Bournemouth Senior Section.

Bournemouth South - Boscombe District
Guide Units - 14th Bournemouth (St George's), 23rd Bournemouth (St James), Brownie Units - 14th Bournemouth (St George's), 23rd Bournemouth (St James), 44th Bournemouth (Rosebury Park Baptist).  Rainbow Units - 1st Boscombe (St James),14th Bournemouth (St Georges) 3rd Boscombe(Roseberry Park).

Bournemouth South - Iford & Southborne District
Guide Units - 22nd Bournemouth (All Saints), 31st Bournemouth (St Christopher's), Brownie Units - 10th Bournemouth (St Katherines), 22nd Bournemouth (All Saints), 31st Bournemouth (St Christopher's) 48th Bournemouth (St Saviour's), Rainbow Units - 1st Iford (St Christopher's), 2nd Southbourne (All Saints).

Bournemouth South - Queens Park District
Rangers - Queens Park. Guide Units - 7th Bournemouth (St Andrew's), 47th Bournemouth ((St Paul's), Brownie Units - 7th Bournemouth (St Andrew's), 13th Bournemouth (Salvation Army), 47th Bournemouth ((St Paul's), 76th Bournemouth (Trinity URC), Rainbow Units - 47th Bournemouth (St Paul's), 76th Bournemouth (Trinity URC).

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Mid Districts
Ranger Unit - Mid Division Rangers

Mid - Dorchester East & Piddle Valley District

Guide Units - 1st Puddletown, 3rd Dorchester, 2nd Bere Regis. Brownie Units -1st Puddletown, 1st Bere Regis,  3rd Dorchester, 1st Broadmayne, Rainbow Units - 1st Dorchester East, 2nd Dorchester East, 1st Piddle Valley.

Mid - Dorchester West District
Guide Units - 1st Dorchester, 1st Charminster. Brownie Units - 2nd Dorchester, 6th Dorchester, 1st Charminster,. 1st Maiden Newton. Rainbow Units - 1st Dorchester West, 1st Frampton

North Districts
North - Bourton & Gillingham District
Guide Units - 1st Gillingham, Brownie Units -1st Gillingham 2nd Gillingham 3rd Gillingham, Rainbow Units - 1st Gillingham 2nd Gillingham

North - Shaftesbury District
Ranger Units - Shaftesbury Rangers, Guide Units - 2nd Shaftesbury, Brownie Units - 1st Shaftesbury 3rd Shaftesbury. Rainbow Units - 1st Shaftesbury

North - Sherborne District
Ranger Units - 1st Sherborne. Guide Units - 1st Sherborne, 3rd Sherbourne, 1st Sturminster Newto 1st Yetminster, Brownie Units - 1st Leigh, 1st Milborne, 1st Sherborne,  4th Sherborne, 1st Stalbridge. Rainbow Units -1st Leigh, 1st Sherborne, 4th Sherborne.

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North East Forest Districts
North East Forest - Ferndown District
Ranger Units  - 2nd St Leonards Guide & Senior Sennior Section. Guide Units - 1st Ferndown, 3rd Ferndown,  Brownie Units - 1st Ferndown (Heatherlands), 3rd Ferndown,  3rd Longham, 2nd St Leonards, Rainbow Units - 1st Ferndown, 3rd Ferndown 1st St Leonards.

North East Forest - Verwood District
Guide Units - 2nd Verwood, 3rd Verwood, Brownie Units -1st Alderholt, 1st Verwood, 2nd Verwood, 3rd Verwood, Rainbow Units - 1st Alderholt, 3rd Verwood Butterfly, 3rd Verwood Ladybird.

North East Forest - West Moors District
Ranger& Senoir Section Units -1st West Moors, Guide Units - 3rd West Moors, Brownie Units - 3rd West Moors, 1st Three Legged Cross, Rainbow Units - 1st West Moors

North East Minster Districts
North East Minster - Colehill District
Ranger & Senior Section Unit - Colehill District, Guide Units - 2nd Colehill, Brownie Units - 2nd Colehill, 3rd Colehill, Rainbow Units - 1st Colehill

North East Minster - Corfe Mullen District
Ranger &
 Senior Section Unit - 1st Corfe Mullen, Guide Units - 1st Corfe Mullen, 4th Corfe Mullen, 1st Sturminster Marshall, Brownie Units - 2nd Corfe Mullen, 3rd Corfe Mullen, 6th Corfe Mullen, 1st Sturminster Marshall. Rainbow Unit - 1st Sturminster Marshall

North East Minster - Wimborne District
Senior Section Unit - Gaunts . Guide Units -  1st Gaunts, Brownie Units -  1st Gaunts, 1st Merley, 3rd Wimborne, 5th Wimborne, Rainbow Units - 1st Merley, 2nd Wimborne, 1st Gaunts, 1st Pamphill.

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Poole East Districts
Poole East - Branksome District &  Wallisdown
Ranger Units - 1st Branksome (St Aldhelms), 2nd Branksone. Guide Units - 1st Branksome (St Aldelm's), 2nd Branksome (All Saints), 1st Wallisdown (St Marks), 2nd Wallisdown (St Marks). Brownie Units - 2nd Bournemouth West (St Michael's), 1st Branksone (St Aldhelms),  2nd Branksome (All Saints) 1st Wallisdown (St Marks), 3rd Wallisdown (St Saviours). Rainbow Units - 1st Branksome (All Saints), 2nd Branksome (St Aldelm's ), 1st Wallisdown District, 2nd Wallisdown (St Marks). 

Poole East - Canford Heath District
Ranger & Senior SectionUnits -1st Canford Heath , Guide Units - 1st Canford Heath , 2nd Canford Heath ll), 3rd Canford Heath. Brownie Units - 2nd Canford Heath, 4th Canford Heath , 5th Canford Heath , Rainbow Units - 2nd Canford Heath, 4th Canford Heath.

Poole East - Parkstone District
Ranger Units - Parkstone (St Lukes). Guide Units - 2nd Parkstone (Ashley Road Methodisdt), 9th Parkstone (St Luke's), Brownie Units -   2nd Parkstone (Ashley Raod Methodist), 5th Parkstone , 9th Parkstone, 11th Parkstone, 12th Parkstone., Rainbow Units - 1st Parkstone West St Peters), 9th Parkstone (St Luke's) 1st Parkstone East, 2nd Parkstone. 

Poole East - Poole District
Guide Units - 1st Longfleet (St Mary's), 1st Oakdale (St George's). Brownie Units - 1st Longfleet (St Mary's), 1st Oakdale (Scout & Guide Hall), 2nd Oakdale (Scout & Guide Hall), 3rd Oakdale (Scout & Guide Hall) 6th Poole (Salvation Army), Rainbow Units - 1st Oakdale (Scout & Guide Hall), 6th Poole (Salvation Army).

Poole West Districts
Poole West - Broadstone & Creekmoor District
Ranger & Senior Sectuion Units - 1st Broadstone, Guide Units - 1st Broadstone, 3rd Broadstone (St Johns), 4th Broadstone, 1st Creekmoor, Brownie Units - 1st Broadstone, 2nd Broadstone, 3rd Broadstone (St John's), 4th Broadstone, 5th Broadstone, 1st Creekmoor, 2nd Creekmoor, Rainbow Units - 1st Broadstone District,  2nd Creekmoor.

Poole West - Hamworthy District
Guide Units - 1st Hamworthy,  Brownie Units - 1st Hamworthy,  3rd Hamworthy, Rainbow Units - 1st Hamworthy. 

Poole West - Upton District
Ranger Units - 1st Lytchett Bay. Guide Units - 1st Upton (St Dunstan's), 1st Lytchett Matravers, Brownie Units - 1st Upton (St Dunstan's),  2nd Upton (Upton Methodist), 2nd Lytchett Matravers, Rainbow Units - 2nd Upton, 1st Lytchett Matravers.

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Purbeck Districts
Purbeck - Swanage District
Guide units - 1st Langton Matravers, 1st Swanage, 2nd Swanage, Brownie Units - 1st Langton Matravers, 4th Swanage,1st Ulwell, Rainbow Units - 1st Swanage, 4th Swanage, 1st Langton Matravers,.

Purbeck - Wareham &
 Wool District

Ranger & Senior Section Units - Wareham, Guide units - 1st Wareham, 1st Wool & Lulworth. Brownie Units - 2nd Wareham, 1st Corfe Castle, 1st Sandford, . - Guide units - 1st Wool, Brownie Units - 1st Wool, 2nd Wool, Rainbow Units - 1st Corfe Castle, 1st Wareham & 1st Wool.

South Districts
South - Weymouth Central District
Guide Units -13th Weymouth, Brownie Units - 1st Weymouth (Holy Trinity), 2nd Weymouth St Augustines), 5th Weymouth, 11th Weymouth. Rainbow Units - 1st Weymouth.

South - Weymouth North District
Guide Units - 1st Radipole (St Ann's & St Aldhelm's), 2nd Radipole (St Ann's & St Aldhelm's), Brownie Units - 2nd Preston, 1st Radipole (St Ann's & St Aldhelm's), 2nd Radipole (St Ann's & St Aldhelm's), Radipole URC.  Rainbow Units - 1st Radipole(St Ann's &
 St Aldhelm's), Radipole URC. 

South - Weymouth South District
Ranger & Senior Section Units - 3rd Wyke Regis, Guide Units - 15th Weymouth, 1st Wyke Regis, 3rd Wyke Regis, Brownie Units - 2nd Southill, 1st Wyke Regis, 3rd Wyke Regis, 1st Chickerell, Rainbow Units - Chickerell,  1st Wyke Regis.

South - Portland District
Ranger Units - Portland, Guide Units - 2nd Portland, Brownie Units - 2nd Fortuneswell,  2nd Portland, 1st Weston, Rainbow Units -1st Portland, 2nd Portland.

Ranger & Senior Section Units - Mudeford Rangers, 4th Christchurch Guide &
 SS. Guide Units -2nd Bransgore, 1st Burton, 1st Mudeford, 3rd Christchurch, 3rd Highcliffe, 4th Chrisrtchurch Guide & SS. Brownie Units - 2nd Bransgore, 3rd Bransgore, 2nd Burton, 3rd Christchurch, 4th Christchurch, 5th Christchurch, 3rd Highcliffe (Methodist), 4th Highcliffe (St Marks), 1st Mudeford, 2nd Mudeford.  Rainbow Units - 2nd Bransgore, 1st Highcliffe, 1st Christchurch.

West District
Senior Section Unit - 1st West Dorset Senior Section, Guide Units - 1st Bothenhampton, 1st Charmouth, Brownie Units - 1st Bothenhampton, 2nd Bothenhampton, 1st Bridport, 1st Bride Valley, 2nd Broadwindsor, 1st Charmouth, 1st Lyme Regis Rainbow Unit -1st Bridport, 1st Broadwindsor, 1st Charmouth.


Senior Section Unit - Boat Club 



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